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Oct 2017
Bhavesh Anand
Oct 25 2017 12:57
Anyone interested in solving this issue: fossasia/open-event-orga-server#4490
@mariobehling I would like to work on this issue. Just wanna get start to contribute
  • in this repo
Please guide ....
Rahul Tiwari
Oct 25 2017 13:43
@niranjan94 @shubham-padia Is there a faster way to reproduce #4508 other than API calls. Thanks.
Rahul Tiwari
Oct 25 2017 14:11
@jajodiaraghav may I add something although I am not a mentor :sweat_smile:
Raghav Jajodia
Oct 25 2017 14:20
Rahul Tiwari
Oct 25 2017 14:23
You can change We can also use Phantom.js package along with Selenium for UI testing purposes without opening a web browser. toWe can use PhantomJS to speed the testing process without opening the browser ...
something like this....I feel it adds meaning to the line....anyways you can stick with what you feel is right :smile:
Rahul Tiwari
Oct 25 2017 14:48
@mariobehling @niranjan94 Opened PR #4518 to fix #4508
Please review