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Nov 2017
Raghav Jajodia
Nov 06 2017 13:17
Requesting Codeheat mentors to approve the blog draft or suggest changes so that I can publish my blog
Rahul Tiwari
Nov 06 2017 14:32
@shubham-padia Can you suggest some topic(s) for writing a blog post on. I find almost every topic has already been picked out. Can I write about how I fixed #4508 .
Shubham Padia
Nov 06 2017 15:58
@invinciblycool You can write a style guide to follow for the apiB files. Include indentation rules and similar...
Rahul Tiwari
Nov 06 2017 16:18
@shubham-padia Thanks for your response but isn't this article similar?
Nov 06 2017 16:40
Can someone review this : fossasia/open-event-orga-server#4528. And if there are some low level issues that i can help with, please let me know!