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Nov 2017
Saptak Sengupta
Nov 24 2017 07:57
@mariobehling no idea. I also saw the change yesterday itself
Mario Behling
Nov 24 2017 11:24

@SaptakS @shubham-padia @niranjan94 It seems like normal users who just registered cannot create a speaker profile. Can you confirm? Message from speaker

I have submitted a proposal for this session.
However, a technical bug in eventyay is preventing me from creating my speaker profile, can you help me?

Rajendra kadam
Nov 24 2017 15:29
Is the repo name changed to open-event-api-server ?
Rajendra kadam
Nov 24 2017 16:02
@0x48piraj I saw that you updated docs . I had one question. Is the repo link to clone still the old one as metioned here -- > ?
Nikhil Seth
Nov 24 2017 17:19
Hello Everyone, Nikhil Here . Want to Work in field of Open Source ,need Help as from where should i start , any bugs which i could try to work upon.., basic Knowledge of Python.
Vaibhav Singh
Nov 24 2017 17:34
Hi @nikhil-seth
Welcome to FOSSASIA
You can look at FOSSASIA projects here:
Before starting contributing please go through the best practices:
Piyush Raj
Nov 24 2017 18:03
@raju249 Yes! It's the same ;-)