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Nov 2017
Mario Behling
Nov 30 2017 13:30
Hi, we have an urgent issue in the legacy server: fossasia/open-event-legacy#1
Currently speakers cannot sign up and enter full data for the FOSSASIA Summit. They can only do this once their email is confirmed. Expected: They should be able to fill in full info without having to confirm their email.
@shubham-padia Any idea?
Atharva Padhye
Nov 30 2017 16:21
can you suggest an easy issue to take up?
Nov 30 2017 20:18
Do you guys think we should switch from bower to yarn
we do have issues with packages many times
Shubham Padia
Nov 30 2017 21:28
@mariobehling looking into it
Shubham Padia
Nov 30 2017 21:33
@Kreijstal I presume you're talking about the legacy server. I'm wondering if it's worth the effort changing it for a legacy system while bower works perfectly fine for now. What issues are you facing?
Nov 30 2017 22:01
in open-event-server http://localhost:5000/v1/settings gives 404
how do I set up the settings so it returns the correct data?