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Jan 2018
Saurabh Srivastava
Jan 06 2018 03:55
hello @Nishan9977
Yash Kothari
Jan 06 2018 08:00
Hey, everyone. I was going through the installation guide provided here however I am facing an issue when installing bower, bower install results in an error, No bower.json file present.
Yash Kothari
Jan 06 2018 08:53
I have bower (v1.8.2) installed on Ubuntu OS.
Rahul Tiwari
Jan 06 2018 09:10
Hi @CaptainDaVinci you can skip th
You can skip the Bower installation.
Yash Kothari
Jan 06 2018 09:51
I am facing another issue, After creating the database and exporting the DATABASE_URL , on running python if run into this issue.
Shikhar Agnihotri
Jan 06 2018 16:50
logging in from the developer branch doesnt work at all, neither from g+ nor fb. I am working on that, should I file an Issue separately for it or directly file a PR for the same ?