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Jan 2018
Piyush Raj
Jan 11 2018 09:59
Frederic Chan
Jan 11 2018 13:04
Hi guys. Which python version should open-event-server be worked with? I tried to work with a Python 3.6.0 virtualenv, but installing requirements keeps failing.
Abishek V Ashok
Jan 11 2018 13:07
@fr0der1c 2.7
Frederic Chan
Jan 11 2018 13:11
Thanks. I read throughout the whole README and didn't found any information about this. Am I missing something?
Saptak Sengupta
Jan 11 2018 13:54
@fr0der1c as of now it works with Python 2. Porting it to python3 has always been in the back of our mind and something we are gonna do soon.
As of readme, yes, you are right it's not mentioned anywhere. Should have been
Parth Shandilya
Jan 11 2018 14:04
@SaptakS I have created a issue regarding this fossasia/open-event-server#4599 . Any new contributor can add this :+1:
Saptak Sengupta
Jan 11 2018 14:06
@ParthS007 +!