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Jan 2018
Kumar Ayush
Jan 14 2018 02:43
I am new to open source and i am looking forward to contribute :smile:
Frederic Chan
Jan 14 2018 02:53
@ParthS007 I've submitted PR regarding #4599. Pls review. Thanks.
Kumar Ayush
Jan 14 2018 04:35
I have some problems in local installation,
this python is not working
Saarthak Chaturvedi
Jan 14 2018 12:13
Pls merge this
Parth Shandilya
Jan 14 2018 15:46
@fr0der1c Reviewed.Please see the comments on your PR :+1:
Jan 14 2018 16:38
hi everyone! i was setting up this project locally and got stuck at a point.
the command sudo -H pip intsall -r requirements.txt is not working properly because when i run the command python, it is still showing errors about some missing packages. but when i install them individually, it works properly.
in dire need of solution. Thank you.