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Jan 2018
Mario Behling
Jan 21 2018 02:17 UTC
@shubham-padia @SaptakS @niranjan94 On Feb 4 our free Google credits are expiring. Going through the whole process of registering another entity to get more credits is a cumbersome process. @pepebecker recommends to set up a server on Can we deploy to scaleway from GitHub master just like it works now? Will the DB and everything stay during the upgrades? How to we back up the system with this kind of deployment?
Frederic Chan
Jan 21 2018 03:17 UTC
You mean migrating from Google Cloud to another service provider? In my opinion, the automated deployment will work, but the script needs to be modified. And if the data of the current running server is increasing, there is definitely going to be a blackout during backing up on existing machines and restoring data on the new machine. I don't know if there are greater ideas, but this sounds acceptable.
Frederic Chan
Jan 21 2018 10:38 UTC
What's the difference between open-event-legacy and open-event-server? Seems the legacy version are still being updated. I want to contribute and got confused about this.
Yash Kothari
Jan 21 2018 12:03 UTC
I tried running the example application under flask-rest-jsonapi/example I am getting an KeyError: ETAG, could someone explain what that means?