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Feb 2018
Rahul Tiwari
Feb 13 2018 05:31
@shubham-padia If you could please check the deployment at since the link is now in the Ideas page. I guess the dynos have run out.
Shubham Padia
Feb 13 2018 05:35
There is no deployment at that address, the dev api is on
Rahul Tiwari
Feb 13 2018 05:37
That's what I was sceptical of. I guess it needs to be corrected on the ideas page
Anshuman Verma
Feb 13 2018 05:39
That needs to be updated, good pick @invinciblycool :+1:
Ankit Saini
Feb 13 2018 07:51
I am getting an IOError: Corrupt/Invalid Image error on using create event api for original-image-url with sample request json and I tried some others image urls too
@niranjan94 @shubham-padia
Ankit Saini
Feb 13 2018 14:43
Is this a issue ?
Vishwas Mittal
Feb 13 2018 20:13
Hello, I am Vishwas Mittal, I want to contribute to this project to make it better, can you please help me get started?