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Mar 2018
Varun Garg
Mar 08 2018 11:17 UTC
I just set up the local server to work on ticket discount issue opened recently. I created an event with basic details. Entered a discount coupon which could be used. However, I am unable to set ticket price or add any ticket for that matter. How to add tickets and set price for them in my event?
Parth Shandilya
Mar 08 2018 12:37 UTC
@shubham-padia @iamareebjamal @SaptakS Please review fossasia/open-event-server#4643
Saptak Sengupta
Mar 08 2018 12:47 UTC
@ParthS007 will review in some time. Nice work though. :100:
Parth Shandilya
Mar 08 2018 12:48 UTC
Ok @SaptakS :smiley: Thanks
Shashank Kumar
Mar 08 2018 12:52 UTC
Thanks @harsh-98 it worked. html5lib is still causing problems though. Since the version used is not as defined by bleach and hence creating problems while locking.
Saptak Sengupta
Mar 08 2018 13:39 UTC
@ParthS007 commented
Parth Shandilya
Mar 08 2018 13:41 UTC
Thanks, will do the changes :+1:
harsh jain
Mar 08 2018 20:38 UTC
1.4.3 of bleach has a html5lib supported version. @realslimshanky