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Apr 2018
Mario Behling
Apr 15 2018 07:54
@maxlorenz We dont need a tag V2, because we separated the legacy project in a separate repo. So, we can focus in the open event server repo on the server project.
Basically solving issues is a good approach.
Akshay Kumar
Apr 15 2018 11:21
Hii everyone, wanted to point out an another issue with the api, i am getting an unknown error when i try to delete a feedback object via endpoint where 4 is the id of the feedback object. can someone look into it.
Max Lorenz
Apr 15 2018 11:30
ah okay. because there are a lot of /v1/... routes in the application, its not easy to see what is missing
I'll do some issues then :) @all the docker files are outdated/don't match the db credentials. I might make a PR here as I use postgres and redis with docker extensively. This also makes building the application a bit easier