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May 2018
Saurav Tiwary
May 26 2018 08:20
Any way to change the email and password of the super admin other than deleting the db and creating again ? I forgot the email and password.
Saurav Tiwary
May 26 2018 08:30
This seems to be for changing the super user of the postgres db. The super admin I am referring to is the side admin of the open event server. The email and password which we provide when we run
Areeb Jamal
May 26 2018 11:31
Create a new password hash and update the db with the hashed password
Saurabh Chaturvedi
May 26 2018 12:16
@iamareebjamal Nice trick :+1: I'll also keep this in mind.
Bhavesh Anand
May 26 2018 16:49
@maxlorenz @srv-twry @poush @mayank8318 Please review fossasia/open-event-server#4779