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Jun 2018
Mario Behling
Jun 03 2018 01:45
@srv-twry yes, seems like a good idea to me. @niranjan94 @iamareebjamal @SaptakS @shubham-padia if you are ok let's go ahead with that?
Areeb Jamal
Jun 03 2018 01:49
It's ok with me. We need more people working on merging PRs
Bhavesh Anand
Jun 03 2018 06:33
@mariobehling I have merged 4 of that.
Others Please review
Bhavesh Anand
Jun 03 2018 06:59
I agree with @srv-twry
Saurabh Chaturvedi
Jun 03 2018 16:09
Agree completely with @srv-twry
Saurav Tiwary
Jun 03 2018 18:37
@schedutron @bhaveshAn @Kreijstal @mayank8318 Guys the build for the development branch is failing. You can merge the current development branch with your PR to check it or you can have a look at it here:
I looked into it but unable to figure out the problem. Will be looking into it a bit more but would appreciate you guys also having a look.
It says AttributeError: 'Connection' object has no attribute '_Connection__connection'
this is the commit and the line that triggers the fail
commit: srv-twry/open-event-server@cd20577
Saurav Tiwary
Jun 03 2018 19:29
Saurav Tiwary
Jun 03 2018 20:03
This is the PR that adds that line. @maxlorenz Are you able to figure out what could be wrong ?
Max Lorenz
Jun 03 2018 20:07
not sure yet. maybe db is not reachable during that test, will see
Saurav Tiwary
Jun 03 2018 23:15
I went back a few commits but the issue still persists. Check all my builds here:
I went as back as May 31.