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Jun 2018
Jun 10 2018 08:36 UTC
Why is OrderStatisticsEventDetail not an EventRelationship?
Bhavesh Anand
Jun 10 2018 14:29 UTC
@Kreijstal @Masquerade0097 @mayank8318 @maxlorenz @schedutron Please review fossasia/open-event-server#4872 fossasia/open-event-server#4724 fossasia/open-event-server#4836
Jun 10 2018 18:46 UTC
Maybe you should try smaller pull requests
When you're PRs are long they will make it very hard to review
Bhavesh Anand
Jun 10 2018 20:50 UTC

@niranjan94 @iamareebjamal I have made changes as were suggested. Please review fossasia/open-event-server#4724

screenshot from 2018-06-09 18-25-23
screenshot from 2018-06-09 18-25-15

Mario Behling
Jun 10 2018 22:20 UTC
@srv-twry Ok, thanks. I gave you additional rights, but please follow best practices. Do not merge your own PRs. Ask others to merge it for you.
Saurav Tiwary
Jun 10 2018 22:21 UTC
Yes absolutely. Thanks @mariobehling