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Jun 2018
Mario Behling
Jun 18 2018 00:04 UTC


@mariobehling Has there been any change in the write permissions for me and @bhaveshAn ? We both aren't able to merge PRs even though the PR has two or more than two approved reviews from reviewers with write access.
You can check the below image:

Nothing was changed. You are still member of the admin team. So, it should work.

I wonder why it does not work anymore. All has stayed as before. Nobody changed anything.
Jun 18 2018 02:55 UTC
please look into issues #4922 and #4928
Saurav Tiwary
Jun 18 2018 07:31 UTC
As far as fossasia/open-event-server#4922 is concerned, I think it's done on purpose. Discount code is a sensitive information and hence it is not shown to every user. It is only shown to the event organizer or the admin.
If we show any registered user the discount code, then it would defeat the purpose of it being a code. It's a coupon, if you start giving everyone the coupon then what's the point of it.
For e.g. let's say a ticket is priced at 10 dollars and the event organizer created a discount code that provides a discount of 10 percent. Anyone who has the discount code could now use it and will only have to pay 9 dollars instead of 10.
Now if we made it public so everyone would have the discount code and hence everyone will only pay 9 dollars for it. So why don't we just decrease the price of the ticket to 9 dollars. Hope you understood why we are not providing discount code relationships or the list of discount code list to everyone.
Right now we are showing the list of discount code to everyone but it's a bug and will be fixed soon. The list of discount codes for an event should only be shown to the admin or the organizer.
@mayank8318 @schedutron @bhaveshAn Do you guys agree with me on this ?
Mayank Vaidya
Jun 18 2018 07:33 UTC
Yep :+1:
Jun 18 2018 08:08 UTC
Got it! solve that bug however also please look into organizers and co-oraganizers relationships with events #4928
Bhavesh Anand
Jun 18 2018 10:05 UTC
@srv-twry Agree
Bhavesh Anand
Jun 18 2018 14:09 UTC
@mayank8318 @srv-twry @Kreijstal @schedutron @maxlorenz fossasia/open-event-server#4935 Please review
Its short and straight forward
Max Lorenz
Jun 18 2018 19:03 UTC
@bhaveshAn done
minor question asked
@mentors I added elasticsearch for searching for events (fossasia/open-event-server#4938) it references the issue and can be used to discuss implementation details