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Jul 2018
Mario Behling
Jul 02 2018 07:57
@maxlorenz Moin. Do you have the server running? Let's have the deployment running at Which IP should I direct this to?
Max Lorenz
Jul 02 2018 09:15
@mariobehling still documenting everything. Especially passwords etc must be guarded. The IP is but I am still rebuilding everything twice to make sure I have not overlooked something. Pretty sure it will be up & running today. I will have to merge one more PR as the current docker-compose file is not working.
Saurav Tiwary
Jul 02 2018 12:03
@schedutron Please join the call.
Saurabh Chaturvedi
Jul 02 2018 12:04
Already there
Saurav Tiwary
Jul 02 2018 13:27
@bhaveshAn @maxlorenz @Kreijstal Please review and merge these PRs:
  1. fossasia/open-event-server#4975
  2. fossasia/open-event-server#4981
  3. fossasia/open-event-server#4990
  4. fossasia/open-event-server#4996
  5. fossasia/open-event-server#4999
Max Lorenz
Jul 02 2018 15:13
@srv-twry done.
Bhavesh Anand
Jul 02 2018 15:26