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Jul 2018
Mario Behling
Jul 27 2018 09:36
@maxlorenz @Kreijstal I am still receiving lots o console errors and page still does not load on Chromium. What are your ideas to resolve this? fossasia/open-event-frontend#1486
Max Lorenz
Jul 27 2018 12:12
Yes, using ember-cli for production is the problem. I have to update the docker image to use a static Webserver
Jul 27 2018 13:57
Actually, I agree
Supriyanta Poddar
Jul 27 2018 14:49
I have learnt basics of flask, flask-sqlalchemy and I have an idea what rest api is. But I
But it's difficult for me to understand the codebase.
Any guidance please
I want to contribute....
Supriyanta Poddar
Jul 27 2018 15:05
Anyone there?
Mayank Vaidya
Jul 27 2018 15:27
@supriyanta You can go through the api docs to get a rough idea of the endpoints
Also try a few endpoints using tools like postman to understand the flow
Supriyanta Poddar
Jul 27 2018 15:46
Niranjan Rajendran
Jul 27 2018 16:34
@maxlorenz ensure you use a fastboot server setup.
Jul 27 2018 16:55
create paypal endpoint doesnt seems to be working could some one please check and revert back thanks
body { "data": { "attributes": { "return_url": "adf, "cancel_url": "adfl" }, "type": "paypal-payment" } }
error log <html> <head> <title>Internal Server Error</title> </head> <body> <h1> <p>Internal Server Error</p> </h1> </body> </html>
Atharva Padhye
Jul 27 2018 19:38
can someone help me with getting access code?
Areeb Jamal
Jul 27 2018 21:15
Access code for what?
Atharva Padhye
Jul 27 2018 23:49
for using postman @iamareebjamal
Areeb Jamal
Jul 27 2018 23:53
No such access code is required