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Jul 2018
Atharva Padhye
Jul 28 2018 00:07
fossasia/open-event-server#5152 check the comments on this pr @iamareebjamal
how to be a registered user?
@starlord1311 download this, import it in Postman.
go to register a user section and add your email and password in the body.
Now make a request to the endpoint. (endpoint should be already defined). You'll need to add the url in the environment variables.
@simarsingh24 Please create an issue with the log. I'll look into it today.
Saurav Tiwary
Jul 28 2018 02:31
@niranjan94 Is there a super admin account for the ?
If yes, then please provide me the credentials for that account so that I can add a few keys(Stripe and Paypal) to it using the settings endpoint.
Jul 28 2018 11:30
Does anyone have issues with the stabiliy of open-event
Jul 28 2018 11:36
Having this error come up, can anyone tell me where it originates from
Jul 28 2018 11:49
is anyone getting this error?
Areeb Jamal
Jul 28 2018 11:52
I guess this is relevant to open-event-frontend?
Jul 28 2018 12:09
is frontend working for everyone?
the latest PR
@iamareebjamal is the frontend working for you?
Mayank Vaidya
Jul 28 2018 12:12
@Kreijstal working for me
Jul 28 2018 12:12
Jul 28 2018 12:19
@Kreijstal it's working for me.
Jul 28 2018 12:23
Nope, it's not working for me
can you try using a blank database
I'm using one
trying in another computer
wait a second
Jul 28 2018 12:39
ok fair enough it works in here
weird thing we are using docker on both