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Aug 2018
Aug 08 2018 11:51
Guys can you tell me when will testing I'd s
Will start working again
And where can I access database of this project
Saurav Tiwary
Aug 08 2018 14:48
@bhaveshAn @mishuvs There are two PRs open for the addition of the online event feature. Can you please decide among yourself and close one of them ? Doesn't make sense to have two PRs on one issue.
Bhavesh Anand
Aug 08 2018 14:59
If both the PR solves a issue and that too completely. Then the PR opened early should be considered. Both can be considered if the task splits.
Saurav Tiwary
Aug 08 2018 14:59
That is for you and @mishuvs to decide. If they aren't overlapped then it's fine otherwise close one of them.