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Sep 2018
Bhavesh Anand
Sep 18 2018 09:13
@jeswincyriac is V1 although now we are working on V2 which is
@sk9331657 There is already an issue fossasia/open-event-server#5379. Would you like to work on it ??
Bhavesh Anand
Sep 18 2018 09:56
@mariobehling Do you have admin account of there's a issue of sendgrid key at production due to which fossasia/open-event-server#5379 raised . Few days back maybe (not sure) Kreijstal has reset the db and I lost admin account there.
Sep 18 2018 15:35
@bhaveshAn i would like to work on this issue:fossasia/open-event-server#5379
jeswin cyriac
Sep 18 2018 17:17
I am working on the issue.I ran into some troubles while setting up the legacy server as it is in python2.I hope taking some time is ok
Bhavesh Anand
Sep 18 2018 19:07
@sladyn98 Yes you can. Its just a typo in send_email function (Big Hint) :smile:
Prateek Jain
Sep 18 2018 19:31
Please review my pull request #5378