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Oct 2018
Moulik Aggarwal
Oct 01 2018 05:59 UTC
@bhaveshAn I redis server is up and running but this command give many error now..
I can still launch the server on port 5000
what is the use of INTEGRATE_SOCKETIO=false celery worker -A app.celery
Moulik Aggarwal
Oct 01 2018 06:07 UTC
I am here to contribute for codeheat but no one giving my answers on time and no one is answering on issues i commented.. @mariobehling
Running INTEGRATE_SOCKETIO=false celery worker -A app.celery i am getting Connection Refused error
Bhavesh Anand
Oct 01 2018 08:25 UTC
@moulikcipherX send the logs
Moulik Aggarwal
Oct 01 2018 08:37 UTC
How to send logs>
in which file?