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Oct 2018
Oct 20 2018 15:12
Hello! I am Igor Wilbert, a computer science student from Brazil and I'm new to Fossasia. I would like to participate in Google Summer of Code 2019 with a project under Fossasia's mentorship. Could someone please give me information about it? Is there a selection process or anyone with an idea can participate? Currently, what are the areas that need development the most? Regards.
Mohit Khare
Oct 20 2018 17:09
hey community , i am trying to setup open-event-server following this guide
But it throws up error when i run this ---> INTEGRATE_SOCKETIO=false celery worker -A app.celery
error is in setting up NewConnection (Socket)
Can someone help me with setting up !
@pandyamarut i guess i am getting the same error as you !! were you able to resolve it ?