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Dec 2018
Shiv Kumar
Dec 28 2018 04:26
Shubham gupta Ggps
Dec 28 2018 07:41

I want to contribute to the organisation.My skills set include HTML,CSS,PHP,Mysql,Ruby,JAVASCRIPT,BOOTSTRAP,JQUERY,ANGULAR JS and C++,C, node js, python, java, and experience in android development
Created my own messenger like whatsapp and fb mixed completed codefundo Microsoft challange and many more please help how can i contribute

am interested in contributing to this Organization, so I reached out to you!

I'm participating in GCI-18, I'm a maintainer in FOSSASIA,Public Lab,Wikimedia,Haiku.
Other than this, I'm maintainer at some other Github Orgs. too and an active dev.

I want to become a part of the thisOrganization!

It will be very kind of you to add me to Organisation :)
It will motivate me to contribute in your organisation.

I'll be eagerly waiting for a humble reply !

Thanks & Regards,

Shubham Kumar Gupta

Prabhu Pant
Dec 28 2018 11:48
@iamareebjamal @srv-twry please help with this PR fossasia/open-event-server#5486
Saicharan Reddy
Dec 28 2018 22:38
Hey. Can someone guide me in creating a new user on the server? According to the docs, it says that the content type needs to be application/vnd.api+json? When I set the content-type in the header to application/vnd.api+json and POST the user details for registration, it throws an unknown error.