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Jan 2019
Rahul Bhattacharjee
Jan 18 01:26
Query: Why moderator/maintainer don't assign someone to issues?

Last time I was contributing, I submitted patch to two issues, I asked some people over here to review it, they did too but didn't merged and 1 week later a guy submitted the patch to the same issue and collaborator merged it.

That made me feel that my contributions are going useless.

Rahul Bhattacharjee
Jan 18 01:32
Please do assign who want to fix the issues after discussing otherwise it create lots of misunderstanding and time get wasted.
Sorry! If I sound rude, as I'm again looking to contribute to the community I don't want it to happen with me or anyone because time is very precious.
Uddeshya Singh
Jan 18 04:13
@iamareebjamal alright, understood. So in case i want to get my celery setup right, what shall I do?
Mohit Maroliya
Jan 18 09:20
While creating an event ,it shows ticketing in enabled when i publish it...How to create an event then??
Mario Behling
Jan 18 14:24
@rahuldecoded We had a lot of people who claim issues and then disappear. This resulted at times in people being busy assigning and unassigning issues. It does not make sense at this stage.
We need more core-developers and people who take up issues over a period of time and want to progress to be core devs.
Then it will also be easier to follow up on questions to distribute work more efficiently and keep everyone engaged and motivated.
Aman Jain
Jan 18 17:02
Thanks @iamareebjamal . i was figuring out why reset password does not send any mail to me, might be this is the reason for that. But what should i do to make background task work?