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Feb 2019
Abhinav Khare
Feb 04 16:03
@Anupam-dagar @mrsaicharan1 Whenever there is a database change , for instance a column is added in the database, the PR which caused the change in the server is accompanied by a migration file. You just need to run python db upgrade to fetch the latest changes in DB.
Uddeshya Singh
Feb 04 19:34

@mrsaicharan1 @CosmicCoder96 I had a little query regarding addition of featured events.

When we keep the database unmigrated, and create suppose two events. A and B . Now, upon migration application, the is_featured column is successfully being applied on events table. (I double checked that on psql) but now if we query any event, the command being executed is directing it to events_version table instead of events table . Any idea why is it happening?

Also, @CosmicCoder96 and the server-dev team, I sincerely apologize for incomplete testing of the migration , I assure you this will not happen again.