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Feb 2019
Abhinav Khare
Feb 05 06:25
@uds5501 It's cool, we can always revert the PR, hence the version control :wink:
Regarding, events_version, try exploring the version model defined in server, and figure out how the versioning actually works, you will then see the problem perhaps.
Shreyansh Dwivedi
Feb 05 18:12
@CosmicCoder96 I've added two fields in my PR fossasia/open-event-server#5571
I'm testing it on my local. I created a fresh database in dev branch, but when I switch back to the branch having PR and do python3 db migrate, I get this error -
INFO  [alembic.runtime.migration] Context impl PostgresqlImpl.
INFO  [alembic.runtime.migration] Will assume transactional DDL.
ERROR [root] Error: Target database is not up to date.

@Anupam-dagar @mrsaicharan1 Whenever there is a database change , for instance a column is added in the database, the PR which caused the change in the server is accompanied by a migration file. You just need to run python db upgrade to fetch the latest changes in DB.

This helped me. Thanks :)

Anupam Dagar
Feb 05 19:23
@CosmicCoder96 I saw that events like creating a new event, buying tickets for the event,creating a new session,submitting speaker details are quite frequent. Currently creating these is a manual task. It will make the work easier if we have a command on the server to create these with some random data.
Something like python create_event will create an event.
Can you confirm if we should implement this?