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Feb 2019
Saicharan Reddy
Feb 06 04:41
@CosmicCoder96 I've almost implemented the back-end part of the twitter-Oauth functionality . But the callback URL needs to be configured in the twitter app on the dev console as flask-dance forces the authenticated URI to '/twitter/authorized'
Abhinav Khare
Feb 06 11:12
@mrsaicharan1 yeah there is an option to do that in admin/settings under the heading twitter tokens you can test it locally using that.
@Anupam-dagar A populate db file already exists on the server which populates database with event types, tracks etc. , you can add the functionality to populate database with new events in that itself.
Shreyansh Dwivedi
Feb 06 18:16
@CosmicCoder96 please review fossasia/open-event-server#5571