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Feb 2015
benjamin Lees
Feb 10 2015 15:24
HI guys the other gitter group for the book club was connected to my own github so i decided to create a new one. I was hoping to meet with everyone on thurday evening if thats possible. the homework is to produce a working example of inheritance in what ever project you are currently involved in, using either functional or prototypal inheritance.
chapter 6 is on arrays and is pretty basic so the meeting shouldn't be to long. I am hoping that next week we can get through both chapters 7 and 8, and then 9/10 the following week.
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@all the next book will probably be "Learning JavaScript Design Patterns" unless someone has a better idea.
Izaak Rogan
Feb 10 2015 18:27
@benjaminlees sounds good to me
Besart Hoxhaj
Feb 10 2015 18:45
@benjaminlees love javascript patterns