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May 2015
Julián Herrera
May 30 2015 05:55

Hey I think I got SchemeSpheres going on my Windows build. Couple questions:
What does "1.Compile the syntax expander: go to /spheres/gambit and run ./" Do exactly? How is it aware of, or modify Gambit in any way?

I guess just one question really. Haven't used ssrun or built the docs yet

Álvaro Castro-Castilla
May 30 2015 06:08
It's a syntax expander for hygienic macros. It's a custom modification with improvements of the one bundled in gambit
Gambit can't expand syntax-rules without it. It is required to be r5rs or r7rs, and many modules use syntax rules.
Julián Herrera
May 30 2015 15:56
Do I have to put it somewhere before I run it? I'm just curious how running it from a build folder, does anything to gambit.
Álvaro Castro-Castilla
May 30 2015 16:53
It will be loaded by the .gambcini file. That's where all spheres-related files are loaded for gambit. It's just the init file for Gambit.
Julián Herrera
May 30 2015 18:59
Thank you very much, I look forward to messing with SchemeSpheres today
Álvaro Castro-Castilla
May 30 2015 19:16
No problem! I hope you find it useful. Keep in mind that I'm improving it, and that it also sits on software that can be further improved ;)
Julián Herrera
May 30 2015 23:11

Like I said, I'm a straight up newb. I write very poor javascript code for tasks I need related to VFX work, but I took an incredible online course that used Racket. So I'm trying to "jump in head first" with stuff outside my zone. I figured a nice Scheme->C Will help me learn both together. (I can't help but learn scheme and C if I'm wrapping a library for scheme access is my thinking)

I was thinking of wrapping IUP as I've heard it's only something like 150+ functions that are exposed. I'm definitely considering doing it as SchemeSphere (just need to get my head around compilation with SchemeSphere's tools and am still going through those docs),

Anyways, I do have some issues:

1> (load (spheres/util check))
*** ERROR -- Ill-placed 'namespace'
(##namespace ("spheres/algorithm#comprehension#"))

I was unable to recreate this, reloading libraries in the same order etc.
But it happened.

Anyway, after relaunching I was able to load (util check fine)
However something like:

Gambit v4.7.6

> (load (spheres/core base))
> (load (spheres/util test))
> (load (spheres/util check))
> (check (+ 1 1) => 3)
*** ERROR -- Unbound variable: check:mode

(I only loaded test, because I was trying to recreate the algorithm error)