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May 2015
Álvaro Castro-Castilla
May 31 2015 08:04
ok, the first issue is because you loaded it within a sub-REPL probably (notice the 1>). Gambit doesn't support namespaces there, so it won't work.
The second issue is because some procedures expanded by the check macro were not exported. You are probably going to encounter more of these, since the namespaces functionality was added after many modules were already there, so they haven't been tested thoroughly. Better testing is the next phase, since I'm not going to add more libraries at the moment.
When you encounter those problems, you just need to add the undefined functions to the export clause in the library definition file (*.sld), see fourthbit/spheres@2761186
When you do so, you can then open a pull request in Github so I can merge it. You can open an issue too, but then you'll have to wait until I fix it ;)
Álvaro Castro-Castilla
May 31 2015 08:11
Please, notice also that I've added these exports separated by a new line (see the commit). Since they are probably needed by macros and not directly, I'd prefer to keep them separated, to make it clearer.
Julián Herrera
May 31 2015 19:37

yeah, didn't actually notice the 1>, thanks for that, got familiar with the repl commands I had been unaware of. And why it's doing that makes perfect sense now.

I'm new to github, and will be taking in some github specific, and general repository know-how, before I start messing with pulls and ticking people off :)

also thanks for the fix on that
Álvaro Castro-Castilla
May 31 2015 19:52
If you want, until you get the handle on github, you can just open an issue (that's just going to the issues page at the project and clicking "open", then describe it as you do here).
The advantage of opening the issue is twofold: the bug is recorded so there is a history, plus there is more activity in the project, which is great.