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Oct 2015
Álvaro Castro-Castilla
Oct 05 2015 11:42
@ovenpasta there is also another dev interested in working on spheres, mainly on documentation. I think I'll do a roadmap in case anyone wants to jump in. What things do you consider most importantly lacking in spheres?
Oct 05 2015 17:36
great :) I'm still studying the system, difficult to say. Obviously an integrated documentation is great. And a bit at a time adding some code examples is great
I think it is important to be easy to install the spheres. I think now is not so intuitive / confortable. I think it is good to see how other systems do already
Like egg system and quicklisp by example
I also studied little bit of LAML, I didn' know the existence of it. I see that there are no updates since 2011
Oct 05 2015 17:42
I think we need a zero configuration defaults. Like installing the spheres with an already working gambit installation with one command
People want to try the things before "buying." if at first attempt they don't get it they discourage little bit
Oct 05 2015 17:48
Maybe we need also some kind of wiki
Oct 05 2015 17:53
I think if you do something good and don't spread properly then it is useless :)