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May 2016
Bob Coleman
May 18 2016 19:25
Anybody using the sack-server library from spheres?
I've been toying with it, but can't get a response from the server to any connections. The sockets just hang open with nothing sent to the client. Even the simple example from the source code doesn't work for me.
 (lambda (env)
   (define (r)
      (lambda ()
        (print "Hello world!\n"
               "URI: " (env 'sack:uri)))))
   (values 200
           (let ((f #t))
             (lambda ()
               (and f
                      (set! f #f)
                      (let ((output (r)))
 server-address: #f ;"*"
 port-number: 8000)
I wanted to see if anybody else had this working before I started digging too deep into the module.