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Feb 2015
Feb 22 2015 07:43
Hi Franco,
great work.
I'm using Mrtrix for tractography and would like to compare the results using diffusion prediction error. How can I input Mrtrix tractography nifti files to your Matlab routine?
Franco Pestilli
Feb 22 2015 13:50
Take a look at this: A script called life_demo.m is introduced there and explains how to get started. Let me know if this helps.
Ariel Rokem
Feb 22 2015 19:47
Also, mrtrix_tck2pdb.m will convert from the mrtrix format to the pdb format, which can then be read into memory using mtrImportFibers. When you save the resulting output of that function into a mat-file, you can feed it directly into the LiFE routines, as demonstrated here: