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Repo info
    Felix Cheung
    I've created PR #1
    Nice to be the first. Appreciate your review & feedback.
    Felix Cheung
    Any thought on the PR?
    Felix Cheung
    @freeman-lab ?
    Jeremy Freeman
    just merged the changes in, thanks @felixcheung !
    Felix Cheung
    Thanks @freeman-lab !
    Felix Cheung
    I'm wondering if it is possible to have the python portion (except the random data generator) to run on IPython?
    Also, instead of simple text stream could this be modified to run on Kafka stream?
    Felix Cheung
    I presented this on IPython notebook at the Seattle Spark Meetup this week.
    Created PR #3 for my changes.
    Overall this has been well received - we believe there are sufficient interests in Streaming k-means and Lightning that we are planning an upcoming Meetup session to dive into it more.
    Padma Chitturi
    Hi, I want to visualize streaming k-means of spark using lightning
    I tried sample scala code which generates scatter plot
    now how do I get moving clusters ?
    Rohit Raj
    Hi Is there any1 active in this group?
    Seth Menghi
    Hi all, is there a way to create multiple LinearRegression models grouped by one of attribute or should I just use a data structure to create a model and store the models one by one?
    Data Scientist
    nice to meet you