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Oct 2015
Andrew Cherry
Oct 22 2015 08:49
i made a start! but not finished. i can't quite remember how much more there is to do, but i don't remember it being terrible. i think i'll probably try and finish off some work on the URI Template matching, and potentially the cookie support, over the next few days. should be feasible i think!
Ryan Riley
Oct 22 2015 15:33
Excellent! I pulled it down yesterday and was about to start trying to see if I could finish it out, then decided to tackle Paket Pack and Push in the build first. Those are now in PR. Builds locally just fine but fails on Travis for some reason (in the tests). I wonder if something changed inadvertently in the fsproj files?
Ryan Riley
Oct 22 2015 18:39
uh oh, the published version uses the build number for the final fix version.