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Mar 2016
Daniel Fowler
Mar 23 2016 06:25 UTC
Hi @EarlButterworth, thanks for these really excellent questions! It’s great to have your perspective here.
Daniel Fowler
Mar 23 2016 06:39 UTC

@EarlButterworth the work we’re doing goes beyond Python libraries, though these low-level libraries support the higher-level work we’re doing on webapps to support the use of Data Packages for the average user. For instance, Good Tables ( is a web service that allows for the validation of data against a JSON Table Schema. You’re probably correct that we need a distinct JSON Table Schema generator, though we have a gone some way towards building similar tooling for the next version of OpenSpending (

Re: the CKAN extension, does the following meet your needs:

Finally, we imagine Data Packages to remain “packaged” (i.e. within their respective folders) on disk. We are, however, working on how to define Data Package identifiers (including DOI) in this particular issue: dataprotocols/dataprotocols#237

Paul Walsh
Mar 23 2016 07:01 UTC
Hi @EarlButterworth great questions. I’ll just expand on Dan’s response a bit, and say that I’ve personally worked with a number of people in the last 18 months who are involved in publishing data, but do not code. Some of our web apps, such as Good Tables which Dan mentioned above, and also Data Packagist ( ), while still in early stages, have been designed with this in mind. I’d be very happy to sync with you on this, with a quick call to understand your internal publication flow and see if we can help point out existing tools, or shape our current work to meet your use cases.
Ricardo Lafuente
Mar 23 2016 10:04 UTC
Hi everyone, just found out about this room, great initiative to help data packagers in sync. Over here in Portugal we've been slowly building up a public data repository based on data packages, Central de Dados. It's based on a bespoke Python static site generator that builds a data package index -- datacentral -- which I wrote about in the Labs blog a year ago. We've run into interesting questions and issues regarding how data packages work, and I'm super eager to discuss them with the datapkg community. Again, thanks for setting this up!
Daniel Fowler
Mar 23 2016 10:12 UTC
@rlafuente great to have you! Your questions and issues are more than welcome :)
Rufus Pollock
Mar 23 2016 12:48 UTC
i am doing some preliminary hacking on a data package views / visualization renderer here in the context of the under-development spec here dataprotocols/dataprotocols#77 #fyi
@danfowler re the properties aspect of RDF we should perhaps amend the spec to make clearer tyou could point to a property or a class in RDF ... - that might be better - can you open an issue and put some suggested tweak to the wording ...