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Apr 2016
Daniel Fowler
Apr 25 2016 08:14

Hi @Stephen-Gates I think we can start by chatting here. I’ll be scanning the forum, GitHub, etc., but I’d like to keep contributing to the user stories currently at (closing all the issues directly related to the website itself).

Can you expound on your Data Quality report idea?

Stephen Gates
Apr 25 2016 08:27
Hi @danfowler, in performing open data maturity assessments for various government departments I am realising how resource constrained they are. The open data programs are not being run out of the IT area and there's no budget. So to ask the department to improve their data is a stretch. Instead, why not provide a data quality statement with the json table schema.
This report could include a list of values that don't comply with the schema constraints e.g. invalid values, missing values. I haven't dug in to determine what other variables could be reported.
This driver (after type support has been extended) is capable to export OpenTrials warehouse or database for example.
Apr 25 2016 12:01
With upcoming BigQuery driver release with extended type support and of course Datapackage release we will be having our working stack on PyPi finally :+1:
Daniel Fowler
Apr 25 2016 12:33
:sparkles: :clap: :sparkles:
Rufus Pollock
Apr 25 2016 14:08
@Stephen-Gates this is great suggesiton for a user story ...