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May 2016
May 12 2016 06:41
AdriĆ  Mercader
May 12 2016 09:19
@danfowler frictionlessdata/
I'll try and have a look at the other 2 if I have some time this week
Rufus Pollock
May 12 2016 09:22
@amercader that is awesome - also recommend posting comments and feedback on the original ideas issue e.g. python tutorial frictionlessdata/ideas#221 - but generally just great to have the feedback wherever you post ...
Daniel Fowler
May 12 2016 09:35
Thanks @amercader!
May 12 2016 13:12
I really don't like __xxx class attributes, now I'm doing some tests with jsontableschema and first __connection, now __get_dbtable gets in my way and I have to think how to access these attributes or methods. cc: @roll