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Nov 2016
Nov 30 2016 07:19
@danfowler :+1: AFAIK there is no something like this already implemented
Rufus Pollock
Nov 30 2016 10:34
@danfowler i’ve given up on trying to login or recover my account to wikimedia phabricator site to post comments re - @danfowler could you sign up and post a comment at the bottom of the thread that we would still be really keen to see some convergence with JTS and comment on the various library support out there etc.
Yuri Astrakhan
Nov 30 2016 16:34
@rgrp hi
@rgrp have you had a chance to see ?
Rufus Pollock
Nov 30 2016 18:19
@nyurik yes - i read that when i made my comments in the frictionless data issue tracker :-)
@nyurik and a big welcome :-) - great to hear from you in the channel :-) (after my difficulties getting into phabricator!)

@nyurik i may have missed stuff in the but as i read it, it has not changed much in structure since the discussions earlier this year. At the moment the basic concepts of the WM format and that in JSON Table Schema (+ Data Package) are very similar but in terms of actual structure they are not that close.

Could we converge here? My original suggestion back in June was here:

Yuri Astrakhan
Nov 30 2016 20:29
@rgrp I added the "titles" (localizable headers) per your suggestion
i will go over the suggestions again
Rufus Pollock
Nov 30 2016 20:33
@nyurik i’m talking about major alignment on json structure .e.g schema property for the schema, structure like the data package resource
(note i will be soon offline but back tomorrow - late Europe time!)
Nov 30 2016 22:40
who at OKFDE could help me setup Prototype Fund grant application towards okfde/froide#210, and in particular Froide for #MyData ? I don't speak German.