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Dec 2016
Yuri Astrakhan
Dec 12 2016 06:27
@rgrp I guess we are talking about a slightly different aspect of "nullable". From my perspective, if the tabular data field schema does not mention nullable, the data in that field must be of the specified field type. E.g. if it's a number, it cannot be "" or "-" or null. If schema indicates, just like in SQL, that the field may contain null, the tabular data validator will allow both number and null value for the number typed field. In other words, implicit missing values are not allowed due to the very structure of the data - array of arrays, they have to be explicitly set to null. And allowing or not allowing those nulls gets controlled by the field schema
Dec 12 2016 06:45
@nyurik By default any field is nullable. To make it not null in sql terminology there is constraints.required = true
Yuri Astrakhan
Dec 12 2016 08:57
Thanks @roll, I will implement "null" support by default. I am not sure we will have constraints at first, but perhaps a bit later they could be added as well.
Kyle Kelley
Dec 12 2016 23:54
Heyo, are there any npm packages that can go from json table schema { schema, data } to raw tables on the DOM in the browser or to React elements?
I'm going to prototype something in nteract for
also... I remember an issue earlier where the mimetype was still in discussion for json table schema