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Dec 2016
Julian Kühnel
Dec 21 2016 12:05
Hey, is somebody online?
Rufus Pollock
Dec 21 2016 13:30
@martinszy great to hear from you - are you familiar with It owuld be great to get more detailed statistics about data portals into that site. Code for data portals here:
@julmot yes, i’m online - about to go grab some lunch - but feel free to leave a message and i or someone else can get back to you
Julian Kühnel
Dec 21 2016 13:31
Wanted to discuss an issue with you -- but created an issue in the meantime: frictionlessdata/project#340
Martín n
Dec 21 2016 17:14
@rgrp we're working on a CKAN extension for semi-automated evaluation, based on ideas of the oklabs/data-quality-dashboard and some of our custom metadata evaluation criteria. Do you think is a better tool for this? Is that list maintained?
I remember discussing once the idea that upon installing a ckan instance, an optional ping could be sent to for automatic subscription, that way it would always be up-to-date
one other thing: toharvest or not to harvest. One of our goals, besides evaluation, is that if a portal goes down, there's a backup site with the same information, so we are harvesting the sites we evaluate
Rufus Pollock
Dec 21 2016 18:14
@martinszy i’d definitely recommend using setup. You could do PR on the CSV file there ;-) and we can extend the schema if we need. I’d definitely recommend contributing into that if you can rather than starting something new. (Yes, does need some love but it is working and has been so for 5y! Moreover, it has been upgraded recently, is very simple, and is easy to improve …)
PS: i think it may be good to move further discussion to okfn/chat channel rather than here as that would be more appropriate and have more interested people ...
Jaakko Korhonen
Dec 21 2016 18:16
We would like to fork hackpad back to the community. I even have some funding. We would just need a few more developers in the loop. Interested? Sign up. dropbox/hackpad#66
Daniel Fowler
Dec 21 2016 22:20
@jaakkokorhonen maybe share in the okfn/chat gitter?