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Dec 2016
Steve Bennett
Dec 31 2016 06:57
hey all, just a quick hi. I'm now thinking seriously about schema-ifying the Open Council Data standards ( to support a new data aggregator I'm working on ( It seems slightly weird to use JSON Table Schema to schema-ify what will primarily be GeoJSON files, but I think it makes sense.
(noting that this suggestion was made by Paul oh, nearly 2 years ago :) OpenCouncilData/ocd-standards#7
Paul Walsh
Dec 31 2016 07:20
@stevage great to hear, and the datasite/platform looks really great. let me know if you need anything.
Steve Bennett
Dec 31 2016 07:20
ta, just wondering if this is the only JS validator against the schema:
and what its state i?
the level of validation I need is pretty low - pretty much "is there a value for fields X, Y and Z", and occasionally "do the value of field X match this regex"
I think I'm only going to be validating GeoJSON and CSV files. probably not too hard to write the bit I need if necessary
Steve Bennett
Dec 31 2016 07:26
one thing I'd like to do, which the spec doesn't support, is having "required", "recommended", "optional" fields, and being able to score datasets based on that.
btw, looking at the PR, I don't think you've changed any of the JTS text? just the JSON description of it? so shouldn't conflict too badly maybe.
and the Table Schema spec is the main work I have left before we consider merging the PR
Dec 31 2016 10:29
datapackage-js is raw for now but could be checked already -
Rufus Pollock
Dec 31 2016 12:25
@roll :clap: :shipit: really nice and like the live demo …