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Mar 2017
Rufus Pollock
Mar 26 2017 07:36
@pwalsh do we have a version of the specs site before the major change for v1 in january? i want to compare a couple of things.
Ori Hoch
Mar 26 2017 07:37

Hi everyone, I'm starting to work on the Php implementation

Would be really useful if anyone have some real world use-cases with Php - maybe you used some parts of datapackage / json table schema in your Php project? Or you are aware of any Php projects which would benefit from the Php implementation..

Paul Walsh
Mar 26 2017 08:56
Rufus Pollock
Mar 26 2017 09:05
Mar 26 2017 20:09
welcome @OriHoch :)
we've just release our latest case study: an interview with John Snow Labs on their use of the specs
Steven De Costa
Mar 26 2017 22:18
For PHP... maybe take a look at this:
A govcms_datapackage module would be a good use case, lending from the pattern seen in the ckan module