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Apr 2017
Ori Hoch
Apr 19 2017 04:20
I'm wotking on v1 and this is also a bit confusing
it seems the only requitement in the tabular data package spec is that all resources must be tabular data resources
sorry.. from mobile seems no way to make a new line 😊
Ori Hoch
Apr 19 2017 04:26
if that's the case then what is the point of having a tabulat datapacke spec? seems it would be better to have only a tabular datapackage resource spec.
Rufus Pollock
Apr 19 2017 06:34

On, datasets are composed of resources of mixed types (some tabular, some not). The Tabular Datapackage spec states that "Every resource MUST have a schema property whose value MUST follow the JSON Table Schema specification."

@rflprr that’s absolutely fine. These are just general data packages then with a mix of general Data Resources and Tabular Data Resources (a Tabular Data Package is defined as one where all resources are Tabular Data Resources).

Apr 19 2017 10:04
@rflprr So that's exact use case why Tabular Resource has been introduced in v1. For pre-v1 - what kind of problems do you experience? I mean it's just for conceptual clearance (your case is just base Data Package) or you run in some implementation issue?
Ori Hoch
Apr 19 2017 10:38
I opened an issue with my thoughts regarding the tabular datapackage spec here: frictionlessdata/specs#407
Daniel Fowler
Apr 19 2017 13:53
@OriHoch thanks for raising this issue. I think that’s a useful simplification. In talking with people about the specs in the past, the desire to mix tabular and non-tabular resources is a fairly common on
Rafael Pereira
Apr 19 2017 14:04
Thank you, guys! @roll, just conceptual clearance — figuring out how to honor the specs and still satisfy our requirements.
Jonas mg
Apr 19 2017 17:39
At version pre-v1, the license should be an Open Definition license ID. Now, is not neccesary that constraint?