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May 2017
Rufus Pollock
May 13 2017 08:16
@reidab i would stick with pre-v1-alpha right now - the python and js implementations are basically up to date with that.
Plus we are finalizing v1-alpha-2 which will be easier to understand and include 414
And i get this is not as clear as it should be right now -- we are working super hard on that right now (in fact i'm working on the specs today)
May 13 2017 09:59
@reidab +1 on this all libraries by default (I mean installed without pre/latest flag) works with pre-v1
May 13 2017 23:47
Hi all, we are launching the first Country-specific Core Datasets, github/datasets-{country}! It is for Brazil (BR) and will be (slowly) maintained by Brazilian Chapter. See and discussion at