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May 2017
Jurnell Cockhren
May 16 2017 00:06
Hello all! Is this the place to best inquire about the toolfund? @roll ?
Jurnell Cockhren
May 16 2017 00:27
I've submitted a proposal and would I like to determine a sizable scope that'll help the frictionlessdata's current needs and efforts. @roll or @rufuspollock or whomever
Paul Walsh
May 16 2017 04:59
Hi @jcockhren how can I help?
Jurnell Cockhren
May 16 2017 16:27
@pwalsh Hello!
At the time of my original message, I wanted some sort of discussion around my recent toolfund application submission. I initially wanted to build a plugin for Elasticsearch as a storage backend for tableschema as a start. It wasn't clear on the immediate needs so I picked what I thought the community would use almost immediately given the all the #Opendata in the states where Elasticsearch is the datastore as choice. Based on the frictionlessdata team's response, it seems that you all are attempting to maximize coverage over programming languages with the toolfund. Given that it doesn't seem like my I'll be able to take part strictly due to the language of choice. I don't know the process to appeal as it relates to immediate needs of frictionlessdata.