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May 2017
Paul Walsh
May 17 2017 08:11
Hi @jcockhren yes, with the toolfund, we are mostly looking for implementations in other programming languages. I know @akariv has been working on a Table Schema > Elasticsearch driver in Python, but not sure on current status there.
Adam Kariv
May 17 2017 08:13
@jcockhren take a look at this code - it’s not generic and reusable, although it’s not very far from being that (
If you want, we can work together on a more reusable approach.
Jurnell Cockhren
May 17 2017 16:11
@pwalsh thanks for confirming.
@akariv I'd like that very much. I'd like to eventually release it as a python package for easy usage. I'm open to adding incorporating your work too so that it covers your use cases as well. Thanks so much for this! I'll be posting the repo once it's up and ready on contributions. :D