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May 2017
Paul Walsh
May 21 2017 05:40
@rufuspollock the changes are listed in the pull request, here:
Ori Hoch
May 21 2017 07:41

this all seems very complex and confusing.. Consider a datapackage noob which sees a 'path' attribute which actually contains an array of urls.. very confusing

I agree with @akariv that in most cases users will only have a single path - in that case path attribute with a string value is best. I would go further and even limit it to only relative paths to the datapackage descriptor.

For more advanced use cases, use the 'data' property as it was for v1 - must be array, support for inline data

having too many possibilities on an attribute, and not having the attribute reflect those uses - is also very confusing
Rufus Pollock
May 21 2017 07:43
@OriHoch good feedback. I think we will definitely allow simple string and the arrays is only for more advanced usage (it has come up ...)
Ori Hoch
May 21 2017 07:44
@jcockhren thanks for your note regarding ES, very useful