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May 2017
Serah Njambi Rono
May 22 2017 07:01
Good morning @/all, new blogpost on goodtables python library and is now up :raised_hands:
Daniel Fowler
May 22 2017 09:28
May 22 2017 15:51
Delighted to announce that the next recipient of the Tool Fund is @kleanthisk10 from Open Knowledge Greece who will be working on developing our libraries in R
Tod Robbins
May 22 2017 16:06
@CallMeAlien_twitter 🎉🎉🎉
May 22 2017 16:13
Hello! I'm Kleanthis Koupidis, COO in Open Knowledge Greece and Data Analyst and i will work on Frictionless Data developing R libraries for Table Schema and Data Package!
Tod Robbins
May 22 2017 16:15
👋🏻 @kleanthisk10
May 22 2017 17:04
very excited to have you on board @kleanthisk10 please do use this channel to ask questions and let us know how you are getting on
Ori Hoch
May 22 2017 19:36
@kleanthisk10 welcome, feel free to contact me, I might have some insights and suggestions from developing the PHP implementation. You can also have a look in the relevant GitHub repos: tableschema-php / datapackage-php - even if you don't know PHP, the issues and release notes might be useful.