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May 2017
Daniel Fowler
May 23 2017 02:53
:rocket: @kleanthisk10
Jurnell Cockhren
May 23 2017 20:59
@rufuspollock (re: tableschema mappings) More on this. I'd love to help with the braintrust on trying to find the happy medium between a minimal/general tableschema spec and tool specific specs. How about some sort of hinting system? I feel it is the job of the datapackage maintainers to identify the datastore specific mappings. However, tools shouldn't be required to use the hinting. Hinting should be optional, in my opinion.
Jurnell Cockhren
May 23 2017 21:04
@rufuspollock I'm not proposing that a datapackage maintainer seek out all datastores and add hints for every single column. But I do think datapackage maintainers are the closest to the datapackage and are more likely to have actually uploaded the package to a data store (for now). As a community user of a data package, I'd be able to make a Pull Request suggesting a mapping set for the datastore I use. Also, provide a way for users to override the suggested mapping for a type of datastore with their own. Thoughts?